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Welcome to GLO. Dental Whitening, your teeth whitening specialists.

As a University qualified, AHPRA registered Dental Hygienist, with over 20 years in the dental industry, you can be confident your teeth will be whitened safely, professionally and to a level only registered dental practitioners can achieve.

A Dental Hygienist can whiten your teeth the same way a Dentist can, in fact what you get with GLO. is the exact same treatment you would normally pay $700-$2000 for at the Dentist. We work with the highest strength whitening gels allowed in Australia by registered practitioners, and is why we get the best results.

If you want your teeth to GLO. then trust a qualified Dental Practitioner to make it happen.

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GLO. Ultimate



Our signature treatment is tailored exactly to your needs.

We use a combination of the highest strength whitening gels that a registered Dental Practitioner can use to get your teeth as bright as they can be.

This includes a take home GLO. kit with 18% Carbamide Peroxide gel pen, rehydrating gel pen and a personal LED gel activating light.

* Murrumbateman Studio $299- Clinic and Mobile $350

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GLO. and GO



This is our top up, or booster treatment to use in between

the GLO. Ultimate treatments and recommended every ​3-6 months.

Tailored to you, we use a combination of dental ​practitioner use only gels that will keep the sparkle in ​your smile year round.

*Murrumbateman Studio $150- Clinic and Mobile $200

*Boosters are only available within 12 months of the ULTIMATE treatment

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GLO. Home Whitening


Happy to GLO. at home?

Our beautiful take home AFTERGLO. kit includes an

18% Carbamide Peroxide gel pen, rehydrating gel pen, ​personal LED activating light, collagen lip mask

as well as a 3 pack of 18% Carbamide Peroxide gel pens.

This is enough for 40 at home treatments.

*$135 includes postage fee.

Is dental whitening safe?

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GLO. Refill Pack


Keep your GLO. year round with out 3 pack whitening

pen pack - to use with the AFTERGLO. Kit.

You will get approximately 10 treatments per pen.

We recommend using the AFTERGLO kit 1 x a fortnight for ​general maintenance or 1 x week if you are a coffee/tea/red ​wine lover.

*$50 includes postage fee

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GLO. Gift Voucher

Give the gift of beautiful smile to a loved one.

Nominate an amount you wish to add to your ​gift certificate and add in the address you would ​like it sent to as well as the recipients name.

We will then mail out the certificate.

If you need a digital certificate, add the email ​address into the address section.

*Please note the recipient can choose in chair

or at home whitening and if not suitable for

either a full refund to the buyer is available.

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Bridal party with flowers



Trust GLO. Dental Whitening to create ​your dream smile on your big day, or just ​GLO with a friend. We offer a mobile ​service and discounts for parties of 2 or ​more with no travel fee.

For group bookings:

2-3 people - 15 % off PP

4 + people - 20 % off PP

8 + booked - 30 % off PP & 1 x GLO. is free

Recommended to GLO. 4 weeks before ​your event and use the AFTERGLO. Kit to ​boost results (complimentary with ​treatment)

Contact us directly to secure your spot

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Mobile Only Service : Travel fees may apply



THE system

At GLO. Dental Whitening we use the

Beyond II Ultra Whitening Accelerator Machine.

The machine uses 10 high intensity blue LEDS tailored to deliver a beam of light between 480-520 nanometres.

An ultrasound function utilises the cavitation process that permits the whitening gel to target the enamel more comprehensively in a shorter time. This means less potential for sensitivity.

Utilising negative ions, the machine has a built-in air purifier which reduces airborne pollutants.

What does the process look like?

Is dental whitening safe?


Is Dental Whitening Safe?

Dental whitening does not cause any permanent changes to the enamel or underlying tooth structure, it just causes a temporary colour change.

When performed by a dental practitioner in a controlled way that is tailored specifically for your needs it is safe.

Will my fillings/crowns whiten?

Teeth whitening gel is made to lighten the colour of tooth enamel. If fillings or any porcelain/zirconia dental materials (Crowns and Bridges, Veneers, Implants Crowns) are stained they will lighten back to their original colour but will not change past that.

You can still whiten your teeth but there may be a colour mismatch. A dentist can replace any fillings/crowns, if indicated, a minimum of 2 weeks after whitening.

Contact us for an examination before committing if you are unsure.

How often can I whiten my teeth?

GLO. Ultimate treatments should not be performed more than 1 x year, unless otherwise prescribed.

GLO. and GO can safely be performed more regularly.

We recommend GLO. and GO treatments every 3 months to complement the GLO. Ultimate treatment.

We recommend the AFTERGLO. kit home gel pen application 1 x fortnight or 1 x week for a regular coffee/tea/red wine habit.

Is there a fee for travel

At GLO. we can come to you and we usually do not ​charge a fee (for Canberra and surrounds)

Contact us if you are out of area and would like a quote ​for travel.

How long does the procedure take?

Allow up to 1. 5 hour for all treatments.

How old do I have to be?

You will need to be over 14 to have dental whitening done.

Under 18 will need parental or guardian consent.

Should I have my teeth

cleaned before whitening?

Having you teeth professionally cleaned before whitening is a fantastic idea but not mandatory.

A professional hygiene clean will remove any extrinsic staining (tea/coffee) and allow the whitening gel to soak into the tooth easily.

The removal of hardened bacteria (calculus) on the teeth will also allow the teeth to look their best and be the healthiest they can be.

Does it cause tooth sensitivity?

Dental whitening can cause temporary tooth sensitivity during the procedure, this is normal, usually not extreme and subsides very quickly. Sometimes teeth feel like they have an "electric tingling" sensation during or after treatment. This is transient, normal and nothing to worry about.

You can use your desensitising gel pen after treatment and sensitive toothpaste 2 x day with no rinsing off to help.

How long does the whitening last and

how white will my teeth go?

Teeth cannot be whitened beyond their natural white colour and everyone whitens differently.

How white your teeth will go is based on many factors such as the base colour to start with, the stain that is on there and will vary person to person. You can rest assured your teeth WILL whiten, look fresh and healthy after a treatment

Whitening results can last 6-12 months with good oral hygiene and a low staining diet. GLO. and GO treatments and AFTERGLO. at home gel pen application will ensure the GLO. Ultimate treatment lasts the longest time possible.

Why choose a hygienist?

Dental Practitioners are trained to identify why the teeth are stained and implement the best, individualised whitening protocol based on the diagnoses.

At GLO. we have a variety of professional use only whitening gels, in different strengths and formulas, to gain the best results in the safest way possible.

In chair LED light vs at home LED light.

The main difference is the strength of the whitening gel used.

The most common In- chair whitening gel used by dental practitioners is 35% Hydrogen Peroxide.

The highest strength a non- dental practitioner can use is 6% Hydrogen Peroxide, this is also what is found with supermarket and chemist products.

The LED light is used to warm the gel and break it down faster. At home LED lights emit a 400-420 nanometre wavelength vs the GLO. utilised Beyond II Ultra Whitening Accelerator Machine that uses between 480-520 nanometre wavelength.

This machine also uses Ultrasound technology to help the whitening gel penetrate deeper into the tooth structure.

Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

Teeth Whitening is not recommended for those pregnant or breastfeeding.

the fine details


Bookings can be made via our website, phone, email or text message.


If you need to reschedule your appointment you will need to give us 24 hours' notice. This can be done ONLY by phone or text, not email or social media.


When booking you will be asked to enter your card details, or PayPal account details. This will not be charged and you can choose to pay for your appointment anyway you choose after attending. Your card details are stored safely and not details are not accessible to GLO. If you fail to attend your appointment with less than 24 hours notice a $50 fee will be charged to your stored card. For details on card storage and safety please see link.


You will need to sign a consent form prior to treatment.


You will need to be assessed for suitability prior to whitening.


Fees may be applied for travel for mobile services.

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